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Designed with your health, comfort, superior quality & affordability in mind

At Ultimate Beds®, our 7-zone Ultimate mattress has been designed with your health, comfort, superior quality and affordability in mind. The Ultimate Beds 7-zone mattress features a revolutionary new zoning system, giving unrivalled breathability, good posture and total comfort. These attributes make our beds the best beds in Perth for your health. 


The Hips

The hips are usually the heaviest part of the body and need extra support. In this zone our weight range specific hip supports prevent hip sagging. Our hip zones are designed to allow the hip contours to sink into the mattress the correct amount, providing pressure relief but promoting correct spinal alignment.

The Shoulders

The shoulders are generally the widest part of the body but not as heavy as the hips. Our shoulder zones give the highest amount of pressure relief, enabling the shoulders to sink in and relax whilst keeping the neck and back in the correct posture.

Other Zones

Our mattresses also feature firmer zones for the narrower areas of the body. This prevents uneven pressure being exerted on the spine and promotes perfect comfort and posture by allowing all the body muscles to relax in correct alignment.

In addition to our zoning technology, our mattresses all have the following features:-

1 + 2 100% certified organic cotton jersey inner and outer covers
3 Luxurious comfort layer
4 Intermediate contour support
5 Medium comfort support
6 Premium supportive base
7 Firm edge support

Download Informational Brochure (with Prices) here

Can’t find the right mattress size for you?

Ultimate Beds® can make your mattress to whatever dimensions you need, just let us know prior to ordering your mattress (additional pricing may apply).

Health and Comfort

Our mattresses are designed to promote the perfect posture whilst reducing pressure on your body, all while you are sleeping.


Our 7-zone Ultimate mattress is made from the best market-leading Australian-made breathable Visco foams, bonded with 100% non-toxic water-based adhesive. No toxic solvent glues or imported foams are ever used in our mattresses. Our quality standards do not stop there. Our mattresses are delivered in a breathable fabric eco-reusable carry bag. We never use plastic thus avoiding potential plastic toxicity and smells and also saving on landfill. Finally, we do not vacuum-pack our mattresses as this can lead to cell wall collapse and sagging.


As we manufacture our mattresses here in Australia and sell them directly to you, we can offer manufacturer-direct pricing – no large retail mark-ups with our mattresses! Our prices even include delivery within the Perth metropolitan area when referred by a health practitioner (other areas may incur an additional charge which will be confirmed on receipt of order).

We proudly support the Australian industry and the Australian job sector, making our mattresses 100% Australian!