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Simon's First Blog

Welcome to our first ever blog post!

Ultimate Beds is an extremely ethical company which genuinely cares about our planet and the health and wellbeing of all living organisms which inhabit it. For these reasons Ultimate Beds is always trying to find ways of making the best quality products using the most natural materials with little or no environmental impact. Health and sustainability is our absolute priority.

Many businesses today are not so ethical, using many types of chemicals and poisons in the production of their products. Synthetic chemical treated fabrics which cause large environmental impact to make, don’t breakdown and cause chemical toxicity to the user are all too common. Many others manufacturers choose to utilise raw materials such as cotton which can be grown using conventional and toxic farming methods which cause huge amounts of environmental damage and associated health issues.

Ultimate beds has spent many years developing our healthy beds and mattresses. Some of our proud achievements are listed below: Synthetic fabrics or chemical fabric treatments are NEVER used. Every Ultimate Beds Mattress is covered with two removable covers made from our own Australian made 100% Certified Organic Cotton. 

For health reasons no solvent based adhesives are ever used in any Ultimate Beds mattress. We also never wrap mattresses in plastic bags as this impregnates mattresses with chemicals and ends up in landfill.

Ultimate Beds mattresses are wrapped in breathable Eco carry bags which we designed that can be re-used with New mattresses saving large amounts of plastic bags going into landfill.

We also do not use materials which prematurely collapse, amplify EMF or cause harm to the immune system.

Some info for our customers who are interested below on the environmental issues and health problems of conventional cotton farming. As you may already know the Best choice will always be 100% Certified Organic!

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Last modified onFriday, 01 August 2014 05:20
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