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Living in Toxic Bedrooms

There is a growing number of toxic chemicals being produced and released into our environment all the time. Many chemicals are also now being incorporated deliberately and unintentionally into a large variety of consumer products.

Building materials and furniture are two prime examples of consumer products which have wide spread chemical treatments and synthetic materials used in them which can give off toxic chemicals and VOC off-gassing. Our houses are now home to huge amounts of Glues, Paints, Carpets, lacquers, and chemical cleaning products to name a few.

Do we really want high concentrations of these chemicals building up in our homes, in our bedroom, on our clothing or showing up in our blood samples?

The home is our sanctuary and we all like to think our home is a clean and safe environment for us grow a family in and to retire to in the evening. Our bedroom is not only where we sleep, it is also where we have our rest and healing time. The bedroom is our special place where we feel safe and go to rejuvenate. It makes good sense then to make sure it is free from chemical toxicity and electromagnetic fields to allow our body the best possible chance to rest and heal.

The reality is our homes have never been so toxic and it seems the problem is only going to get worse before it gets better. Bedrooms are sometimes the most toxic areas too which is scary as they remain closed up for so long.

To make matters worse in the bedroom, many mattresses these days have many different chemicals which have been applied to the outer fabrics. The synthetic materials used in beds are also off-gassing and the metal springs in spring mattresses can act as an antenna for TV and FM transmissions, amplifying the signal onto the sleeping surface.

There is a clear need for people to have a closer look at their sleep sanctuary and how healthy it really is.

Ultimate Beds are manufactured to an extremely high health standard. When building our beds and mattresses we consider the best and most ethical way to do things. Making products with little or no environmental impact is very important to us.

Ultimate Beds use only Australian made 100% Certified Organic cotton for all our mattress covers, which saves our planet from conventional and very damaging cotton farming. It also supports organic farming methods and will not give you a chemical onslaught while you sleep.

Ultimate Beds mattresses also never contain any metal and will not act as an antenna. Latex is also something we never use as it can elevate certain blood proteins which can be unhealthy.

Above all Ultimate Beds mattresses are healthy, high quality, extremely breathable and ridiculously comfortable. They come standard with breathable removable Organic Cotton Covers which allow the mattress to be inspected and cleaned thoroughly if needed and eliminates any chance of moisture or particulate matter building up. This keeps the mattress hygienic for its useable life which we recommend is about 10 years. We also sell replacement covers.

I hope you liked my blog today on the dangers of chemicals in our home and toxic bedrooms. If you have found it informative and interesting you may now agree that it makes sense to have a healthy mattress as part of any healthy bedroom.

Ultimate Beds will always be here supplying high quality, ethical and healthy beds and mattresses for consumers. Please tell your friends about us before they purchase something they may regret.

Best regards,

Simon Cairns

Chief Designer


How To Buy the Perfect Mattress

Purchasing the correct mattress to properly suit our individual body types is one of the most important things we can do to make sure we get the best night’s sleep.

For most consumers, this can be a very daunting and difficult task. Once you have researched and chosen your preferred bed manufacturer/retailer, which you are confident will supply a very high quality mattress, providing all the health and quality features you require - you still then need to work out the most important question... WHICH MATTRESS IS THE RIGHT ONE FOR ME?

Choosing a bed and mattress from your average retailer can be very confusing with some retailers having over 60 different beds to choose from in one place.

After listening to years of feedback from our customers at Ultimate Beds I decided it was time to go into some of WA’s leading retail showrooms to find out firsthand what type of service people have been receiving recently. For this exercise I presented as a customer who has no detailed knowledge of beds and mattresses. Not the easiest exercise for me - being a part owner and the chief designer for Ultimate Beds.

If you are reading this and have purchased a mattress recently, you will probably relate to my retail bed shopping experience, described below.

After talking with the salesperson in the first retail store, commenting on the overwhelming number of different beds on display and asking for some help with choosing one, I was asked what price point I was looking at.

I explained that I would like to get the best bed to suit my needs and the price was not really the deciding factor. I wanted to get a mattress which gave good support and comfort and did not sag or collapse. He explained that there were now 60 beds on the floor, (like it was a good thing!), I would be best to take my time and go around and lay on them all and work out what I like best.

To his credit he also advised that I should probably look at something without a pillow top and firm for better hip support.

He also pointed out where the new displays and specials were, the fact that you can get the mattresses in varying support levels and a few other different types of mattresses and features that they had.

So I walked around the rows and rows of beds laying down on as many as I had the patience for.

Some felt beautiful and soft like a cloud when you lay down, but after a while I felt my hips sinking too low. Others mattresses were very firm and bouncy and gave too much pressure on the shoulder and hip and not enough contouring support.

Purchasing the best bed in Perth


I eventually found a mattress that felt quite good in the thirdstore I visited and I am fairly sure it was promoting the correct spinal alignment. I could not be sure though as nobody was there to properly assess my spinal posture as I rested.

As I lay there I had thought of some questions which I needed to ask the Salesperson:

Q) How long will this mattress last before it begins to sag in the middle - as many of the mattresses today seem to be prematurely collapsing?

A) Salespersons reply - “You get a 15 year warranty on these and if you go something firm you should have no problems”

Q) What chemical treatments have been applied to the fabrics which cover this mattress?

A) Salespersons reply – “All the good stuff! Anti-Bacterial Anti-Fungal, Anti-Dust Mite a Flame Retardant and a Moisture Absorber.”

Q) I then asked if all these chemicals were safe, were they able to pass into our bloodstream during normal use and if I could get a list of the chemicals which were used?

A) Salespersons reply – “Yes all our beds are safe. I am sure that anything used within Australia is tested stringently and would not be unhealthy. These treatments are put in to make the mattresses healthier!

I can probably get you a list of the treatments and chemicals used but we would have to get that to you later after we have spoken with our manufacturer.”

Q) How do I know which mattress is giving me the right amount of support and promote correct posture and how do I know that I am going to be really comfortable and happy with my new bed?

A) Salespersons reply – “Take your time, relax, lay down and I suggest you go with what feels the best for you. If you would like to know anything further or need any assistance just let me know.

Well...I thought that I had been asking for some assistance... clearly I was not going to get a professional mattress fitting here!”

Q) I then went up and asked what would happen if I got hot on this mattress and could I return the mattress if it’s not correct or causing me back pain?

A) Salespersons reply – “If you find you are getting hot on a mattress it may be that you have too many bed clothes and a lighter doona usually will be the answer, however choose carefully as unfortunately once the mattress has been purchased and used we cannot swap them for health reasons.”




I did manage to find a shop which will let you return the mattress; in fact they give you a 2 month in house trial period with an average quality spring mattress in which you can swap them if they are not right. This did leave me thinking about all the swapped mattresses they get back though. If I bought a mattress through them, could I be confident that it has not already been slept on?

It quickly became very clear to me that shopping for a new mattress in Perth’s retail shops was frustrating to say the least. The salespeople obviously receive little or no product training. It would make sense to most people that a bed salesperson should be the person to talk to when wanting help buying a new bed, however it seems that the majority of retail salespeople are not even shown how to correctly fit someone for a new bed and that more often than not, they were more interested in making a sale.

The worst thing is, even if the salesperson is able to get the postural fitting right, the majority of the mattresses that are produced today are beginning to collapse within the first 6 months causing poor sleep posture and resultant back pain.

Also, most consumers do not have an intimate knowledge on beds, don’t know the right questions to ask the salesperson or know what to look for, giving the customer a less than fair chance to receive the correct fitting.

My conclusions on my retail bed shopping experience were unfortunately of no surprise to me as I have many customers telling me similar stories they have had in the recent past.

At Ultimate Beds we have many unique differences that set us apart from large mainstream bed companies. 

  • We pick up many existing old mattresses on delivery of our new mattress and finding that too many are around 2-3 years old or even younger and completely collapsed or were never right from the start.
  • We manufacture our own products to the highest possible standard, also nobody know our products better than us. It is for this reason that we make sure every customer is given a professional and very detailed fitting by us to ensure they receive the right mattress.
  • If we do not have a mattress within our extensive range of current and new designs to suit the postural or comfort needs of our customer, we design and make the mattress to be perfect for them.
  • The same goes for couples, our combination mattresses give each partner the ability to customise their side of the mattress to suit their own comfort preference and support needs. 


All Ultimate Beds products have been well thought out and designed from the start to be as healthy and chemical free as possible. We have also taken every step to produce the very best quality mattresses and beds which will continue to provide good support for many years.


Feel free to comment below or get in contact with myself, Simon, if you’d like some more information about the best beds in Perth from Ultimate Beds. 

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