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Designing affordable superior beds for your health and comfort

Innovative unique design for the ultimate night’s sleep

When Ultimate Beds®, were established they set out to design a bed that had the capacity to be adjusted to everybody’s unique sleep posture, because they knew this was the only way their customers would get the perfect night’s sleep they desired. Ultimate Beds research resulted in their unique 7-zone Ultimate mattress. This revolutionary 7 zone system not only allows each mattress to be adjusted to every customer’s unique sleeping posture but also delivers unrivalled breathability, good posture and total comfort.

Perfect sleep posture – The essential ingredient for a good night’s sleep and better health

Perfect sleep posture relies on the bed’s ability to align your body to nature’s natural sleeping position. This involves aligning the hips, shoulders and narrower areas of your body to let body’s muscles relax in correct alignment. (See Mattress Design for the full story ) (Link to separate page)

When Ultimate Beds designed the 7 zone system they specified all materials, including packaging, must be made from high quality non-toxic materials for customer’s ultimate comfort and long term health. All mattress are made from market-leading Australian-made breathable Visco foams, and bonded with 100% non-toxic water-based adhesive. No toxic solvent glues are used in Ultimate Beds mattresses.

Factory Direct Pricing for Ultimate Affordability

When Ultimate Beds were established, their vision was to create ‘beds for the ultimate night’s sleep’ at affordable prices, so from the very beginning Ultimate Beds have been available direct from our workshop in Perth.

By cutting out the middleman Ultimate Beds are up to 50% less expensive than similar products sold through retail stores.

Ultimate Beds Story

Australian Made

Ultimate Beds mattresses are 100% Australian. Ultimate Beds make every effort to support Australian industry and the Australian job sector.

The Ultimate Mattress Design

To achieve the perfect sleep posture a mattress must provide support in the following areas.

The Hips

The hips are usually the heaviest part of the body and need extra support. In this zone Ultimate Beds weight range specific hip supports prevent hip sagging. Ultimate Beds hip zones are designed to allow the hip contours to sink into the mattress to the correct amount, providing pressure relief whilst promoting correct spinal alignment.

The Shoulders

The shoulders are generally the widest part of the body but not as heavy as the hips.Ultimate Beds shoulder zones give the optimum pressure relief, enabling the shoulders to sink in and relax whilst keeping the neck and back in the correct posture.

Other Zones

Ultimate Beds mattresses also feature firmer zones for the narrower areas of the body. This prevents uneven pressure being exerted on the spine and promotes perfect comfort and posture by allowing all the body muscles to relax in correct alignment.

Material Comfort

To achieve the ultimate night’s sleep Ultimate Beds include all of the following:

1 + 2 100% certified organic cotton jersey inner and outer covers

3 Luxurious comfort layer

4 Intermediate contour support

5 Medium comfort support

6 Premium supportive base

7 Firm edge support


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Can’t find the right mattress size for you?

Ultimate Beds® will make your mattress to whatever dimensions you need, just let us know prior to ordering your mattress.

Ultimate do not vacuum-pack their mattresses as this can lead to cell wall collapse and sagging.


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