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    Testimonials from People who use the Best Beds from our Perth Store

    “Dear Ultimate Beds,

    I would like to thank you for the amazing service you provide for our family and for our patients. Not only are your beds the most comfortable I have ever experienced but the amount of time and individual consideration you give to your customers is second to none. Keep up the great work.

    Kind regards.”

    Dr. Paul Harlond, BSc, BChiro – Chiropractor from the Dalkeith Chiropractic (April, 2013)

    “Ultimate Beds are a cut above any other bed shop. Not only do they supply a healthier, superior product but they will custom fit, create and make sure the bed and pillows are right for you, even after the sale. At no other bed supplier have I experienced the level of knowledge, quality and service Ultimate Beds provides. I recommend them to all my patients.”

    Dr. Andrina Chien, BSc (Chiro), BChiro (Hons) – Director & Chiropractor at Openspace, Clinic Supervisor Murdoch University, Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Member of IKYTA & KYTANZ (November, 2014)

    “We have been referring patients to Ultimate Beds for over 12 months after first buying one and having the best night’s sleep ever. I have had no hesitation in promoting the bed and everyone has been rapped with the quality and service. They are great for your back and for the price they are a steal.”

    Dr. Brad Grant – Chiropractor at Stirling Health Professionals & Grant Chiropractic (August, 2015)

    Hey Ultimate Beds,

    It’s been more than a couple of weeks I know, but I thought you’d still like to know how it’s going, since I know customer satisfaction is so important to you. No surprises. I’m loving the bed. I can really tell a huge difference between the old and the new, which is no surprise at all. What I am very pleased about is even after a long day of playing, I wake up the next morning with my body feeling rested and fresh. I think your next target market (after chiro’s) should be professional athletes as when they see how good your beds are for recovery, I’m sure word will spread pretty quick!

    Hope all is well and thanks again.”

    Lucas O’Brian – Violinist at the Western Australian Symphony Orchestra (October, 2016)

    “After suffering back, shoulder and neck pain for years after waking and never being comfortable in bed, I can now say I wake pain free every morning. My training, sleeping and quality of life has improved immensely due to my Ultimate Bed.”

    Holly Loxton – Personal Trainer (March, 2017)

    “Absolutely awesome!!! We are loving it. It’s like sleeping on a king sized cloud that goes on forever. We are finding ourselves sleeping on our backs and our bodies are feeling so much better. Every night we get excited to jump into bed. Thanks, Ultimate Beds!”

    Melbourne Singer, Percussionist, Composer & Educator (July, 2018)

    “We cannot speak highly enough of the quality and workmanship of the Ultimate 7 Zone Mattress that we purchased from Ultimate Beds 3 years ago! We would recommend this company without fear of contradiction. When speaking with Michael today we said that – “When we get out of bed there is no sign that anyone had even been in it – No indentations! – Nothing! – Like new!”

    Thank you for a top quality product! – Worth every penny!”

    Cliff and Gay Racey (December, 2019)


     “I would like to express my gratitude for the “Exceptional Service and Product” that you and your amazing team provide.  I was totally in awe with the service I received, from when I contacted Ultimate Beds to the delivery. You really went beyond and that is a rare find these days, Thank you! 

    My new bed is the “ULTIMATE” :)))  I purchased the (Deluxe Medium/Firm) and my sleep on it for the first night was sheer luxury, I slept for 10 hours! I awoke with no aches or pains, just feeling great! 

    Ultimate Beds in my opinion sell the best beds available on the market today. 

    My opinion is based on being Chemically Sensitive, suffering from Chronic Fatigue, endless hours of research, trials and errors and wasted money, it was a nightmare until I found Ultimate Beds. 

    I can say that I am in love with this mattress and I will never buy from anywhere else. 

     Ultimate Beds – 10 Stars!!

    Another Happy Customer Thank yooooooou”

    Cushla Korenhof (June 2022)



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