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    Living in Toxic Bedrooms

    There is a growing number of toxic chemicals being produced and released into our environment all the time. Many chemicals are also now being incorporated deliberately and unintentionally into a large variety of consumer products.

    Building materials and furniture are two prime examples of consumer products which have wide spread chemical treatments and synthetic materials used in them which can give off toxic chemicals and VOC off-gassing. Our houses are now home to huge amounts of Glues, Paints, Carpets, lacquers, and chemical cleaning products to name a few.

    Do we really want high concentrations of these chemicals building up in our homes, in our bedroom, on our clothing or showing up in our blood samples?

    The home is our sanctuary and we all like to think our home is a clean and safe environment for us grow a family in and to retire to in the evening. Our bedroom is not only where we sleep, it is also where we have our rest and healing time. The bedroom is our special place where we feel safe and go to rejuvenate. It makes good sense then to make sure it is free from chemical toxicity and electromagnetic fields to allow our body the best possible chance to rest and heal.

    The reality is our homes have never been so toxic and it seems the problem is only going to get worse before it gets better. Bedrooms are sometimes the most toxic areas too which is scary as they remain closed up for so long.

    To make matters worse in the bedroom, many mattresses these days have many different chemicals which have been applied to the outer fabrics. The synthetic materials used in beds are also off-gassing and the metal springs in spring mattresses can act as an antenna for TV and FM transmissions, amplifying the signal onto the sleeping surface.

    There is a clear need for people to have a closer look at their sleep sanctuary and how healthy it really is.

    Ultimate Beds are manufactured to an extremely high health standard. When building our beds and mattresses we consider the best and most ethical way to do things. Making products with little or no environmental impact is very important to us.

    Ultimate Beds use only Australian made 100% Certified Organic cotton for all our mattress covers, which saves our planet from conventional and very damaging cotton farming. It also supports organic farming methods and will not give you a chemical onslaught while you sleep.

    Ultimate Beds mattresses also never contain any metal and will not act as an antenna. Latex is also something we never use as it can elevate certain blood proteins which can be unhealthy.

    Above all Ultimate Beds mattresses are healthy, high quality, extremely breathable and ridiculously comfortable. They come standard with breathable removable Organic Cotton Covers which allow the mattress to be inspected and cleaned thoroughly if needed and eliminates any chance of moisture or particulate matter building up. This keeps the mattress hygienic for its useable life which we recommend is about 10 years. We also sell replacement covers.

    I hope you liked my blog today on the dangers of chemicals in our home and toxic bedrooms. If you have found it informative and interesting you may now agree that it makes sense to have a healthy mattress as part of any healthy bedroom.

    Ultimate Beds will always be here supplying high quality, ethical and healthy beds and mattresses for consumers. Please tell your friends about us before they purchase something they may regret.

    Best regards,

    Simon Cairns

    Chief Designer


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