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The perfect sleep posture for the ultimate night’s sleep.

The natural way to sleep

Ultimate Beds’® exclusive 7 zone mattress design and technology allows the body to relax in total comfort, and in its natural and unique sleep posture.

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A healthier way to sleep

Every Ultimate Beds mattress has been designed and manufactured to enhance customer’s long term health. All mattresses are free of toxic chemicals, and all foams are approved by the National Asthma Council Australia and by Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA).

For additional comfort and health benefits, Ultimate Beds mattresses do not contain any metal or metal springs,

We only use Australian made – 100% Certified Organic Cotton.

Ultimate Beds’® exclusive 7 zone mattress design and technology
Ultimate Beds unique airflow design

Cool and Dry

Ultimate Beds unique airflow design allows full air circulation through the entire mattress, eliminating any build up of excess body heat or moisture.

Ultimate Beds’® achieve additional comfort by covering their mattresses in pure 100% certified organic cotton. These covers are removable, which allows for proper airing of the mattress core. In addition, the mattresses have firm edges on all sides as an additional comfort feature.

So why are Ultimate Beds mattresses among the best Adult and Childrens mattresses in Australia, if not the World?  Check out the 7 reasons below.

1)   Extremely Healthy

2)   Outstanding Comfort

3)   Superior Quality

4)   Compliant with Safety Regulations

5)   Custom Made                                                                  

6)   100% Australian

7)   Manufacturer Direct  







1) A Healthier Choice

The foams used in Ultimate Beds® mattresses are all premium Australian made open celled foams, which are approved by the Asthma Council of Australia and by Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA).  No toxic solvent glues or imported foams are ever used in our mattresses.

Although Ultimate Beds® foams are open celled foams (which means that you can hold them up to your face and breathe through them), we further enhance the breathability by using a patented process to punch hundreds of 5mm holes through the foam from top to bottom.  This improves the breathability by about 700%, helping you sleep at the correct temperature.

Once the mattress core has been made to the standard or custom size, we custom make two (an inner and then an outer) removable covers which are made from two separate organic cotton proprietary fabrics knitted for us here in Australia.  These fabrics, which are knitted (not woven) into an outstanding Jersey knit, also maintain the breathability of the mattress.  Please note that, although products labelled ‘organic’ may contain varying percentages (in some cases as low as 10%) of organic cotton, ours are knitted from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton, the heathiest possible.

2) Outstanding Comfort

Ultimate Beds® mattress cores are constructed with a special zone for the hips (the heaviest part of the body) and another special zone for the shoulders (the widest part of the body).  Not content with this, we then have another 5 special zones in between, making 7 different zones in all down the length of the mattress, so that your body is fully supported along its whole length.  The cores are also ventilated in a patented process for a healthier sleep environment.  We then cover the mattress core with a luxurious soft fabric which is made from 100% certified organic cotton.

Our mattresses never need to be flipped from top to bottom but can, if wished, be rotated head to foot, and vice versa.  For the above reasons Ultimate Beds® mattresses represent the ultimate in quality, making them among the most comfortable and healthiest non-toxic mattresses currently available in Australia, if not the World.

3) Superior Quality

All components of Ultimate Beds® mattresses are made from the highest quality materials.  Our foams are premium (which means among the highest possible grade) Australian made foams.  They are open celled foams and are ventilated in a patented and complex process.  We warranty our mattress cores for 10 years.  We could give a longer warranty but choose not to do so as we believe that a mattress should be changed every 10 years for health reasons.  Ultimate Beds® mattresses are manufactured to a quality point, not to a price point.  This is because we at Ultimate Beds® believe that nothing is too good for you and your family.

4) Safety Compliant

For health reasons, there is no metal used in Ultimate Beds® mattresses, which ensures they are completely free from EMF (electromagnetic field) amplification.  For health reasons also, they contain no plastics, latex or synthetic fibres and no chemical fabric treatments are used.

Ultimate Beds® mattresses comply with all relevant safety standards.  You can therefore have confidence in, and be assured of, your and your family’s safety.

5) Custom Designed for Your Unique Needs.

Although we supply all standard sizes (single, long single, king single, double, queen and king) and can even supply super king, we can also make all of our mattresses in a custom size (to cater for those different European or custom sizes).

6) 100% Australian

All Ultimate Beds® components are Australian, from the foam cores and the fabrics for the covers to the labour in making the foams, the fabric and the covers.  Ultimate Beds® proudly supports Australian industry and Australian job creation, making our mattresses 100% Australian!

7) Affordable

Ultimate Beds® mattresses are manufactured in Australia and sold direct to the customer at factory-direct pricing.  So, there are no large retail mark-ups included, which means better value for customers.

Don’t compromise on quality or health for your or your family’s mattress.

Adult Mattresses

King             $4,490
2030mm X 1830mm
Queen         $4,290
2030mm X 1530mm
Double         $4,090
1870mm X 1370mm
King Single  $2,890
2030mm X 1060mm
Long Single $2,790
2030mm X 920mm
Single          $2,690
1870mm X 920mm
Includes Delivery in Perth Metro region

Adult Mattresses

King              $3,490
2030mm X 1830mm
Queen          $3,290
2030mm X 1530mm
Double         $3,090
1870mm X 1370mm
King Single  $2,290
2030mm X 1060mm
Long Single $2,190
2030mm X 920mm
Single           $2,090
1870mm X 920mm
Includes Delivery in Perth Metro region

Children’s Mattresses

King             $2,290
2030mm X 1830mm
Queen         $1,990
2030mm X 1530mm
Double        $1,790
1870mm X 1370mm
King Single  $1,290
2030mm X 1060mm
Long Single $1,090
2030mm X 920mm
Single              $990
1870mm X 920mm
Excludes Delivery

Fitted to your unique natural sleeping posture

Every body has a unique natural sleeping posture which it is necessary to achieve for a healthy night’s sleep. 

Ultimate Beds state of the art mattress design incorporates the capacity to make over 30 adjustments to ensure the mattress conforms to the customer’s unique sleeping posture. 

Visit Ultimate Beds workshop today for your personal fitting

Good for the planet

All Ultimate Beds  products are manufactured with minimal environmental impact.


Ultimate Beds state of the art mattress design


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