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Ultimate Cots® Organic Cot Mattresses for superior baby comfort and health.

Designed for a good night’s sleep for your baby…and you!

A good night’s sleep for your baby, generally means a good night’s sleep for you.

To complement our 7-zone Ultimate mattresses, Ultimate Cots® has developed a full Baby Range of cot, cradle and bassinet mattresses, which incorporate all of the benefits of Ultimate Beds mattresses, but adjusted to the unique needs of your baby.

A healthier choice

Ultimate Cots baby mattresses represent the ultimate in quality, making them the most comfortable and healthiest non-toxic mattresses currently available.

Ultimate Cots cot mattresses are constructed with a supportive firm base layer, topped with a soft comfort layer and are fully ventilated for a healthier sleep environment.

Ultimate Cots® cradle and bassinet mattresses are a fully ventilated single premium foam layer.

Custom designed for your unique needs.

Ultimate Cots®  make your baby mattress to whatever dimensions you require for, any size cot, cradle or bassinet mattress.  You simply supply the dimensions.

Health and Comfort

All Ultimate Cots® baby mattresses are fully ventilated for maximum breathability and safety. Every baby mattress uses the healthiest breathable open celled foams for better ventilation which has been further enhanced using Ultimate Beds ‘Ultimate Air Flow’ design. The Air Flow design ensures optimum airflow in all sleeping positions, as well as allowing moisture to escape, leaving you with complete peace of mind knowing that your baby is in the healthiest sleeping environment.

Extra Health Benefits

There is no metal used in Ultimate Cots® cot, cradle and bassinet mattresses, which ensures they are completely free from EMF (electromagnetic field) amplification, and no synthetic fibres and no chemical fabric treatments are used.


Ultimate Cots® mattresses are made from market-leading Australian-made breathable foams, bonded (for the cot mattresses) with 100% non-toxic water-based adhesive. No toxic solvent glues or imported foams are ever used in our mattresses. All baby mattresses are manufactured with removable covers which are made from 100% certified organic cotton, knitted into an Australian made jersey knit. The cot mattresses also have a removable inner cover made from 100% certified organic cotton.


Ultimate Cots® cot, cradle and bassinet mattresses are manufactured in Australia and sold direct to the customer at factory-direct pricing – so no large retail mark-ups, which means better value for customers. Ultimate Cots® proudly support Australian industry and Australian job creation, making our cot, cradle and bassinet mattresses 100% Australian!

Baby Mattresses (custom made to your size)

Large Cot      $439
(up to 800x1400mm)
Medium Cot   $429
(up to 700x1300mm)
Small Cot       $399
(up to 600x1200mm)
Cradle            $235
(up to 500x1000mm)
Bassinet         $185
(up to 400x800mm)

Extra charges may apply if mattress is outside the above sizes, and/or is not rectangular but curved.

Children’s Mattresses

King             $2,290
2030mm X 1830mm
Queen         $1,990
2030mm X 1530mm
Double        $1,790
1870mm X 1370mm
King Single  $1,290
2030mm X 1060mm
Long Single $1,090
2030mm X 920mm
Single              $990
1870mm X 920mm
Excludes Delivery

Good for your baby’s future

All Ultimate Beds®  products are manufactured with minimal environmental impact, helping to make a safer future for your baby.


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