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Ultimate Bed Comfortable Sleep

Manufactured from non-toxic and organic materials for your long term health.

Natural Perth Mattresses

Adult / Children Mattresses

Adult / Children Mattresses

Baby Mattresses

Baby Mattresses

The only way to get the restorative sleep you need is in a bed that is custom designed
for your unique sleep posture. Ultimate Beds mattresses are also manufactured from
non-toxic and organic materials for your long term health...and beauty!

The Perfect Sleep Posture For The Beauty Sleep Some Of Us Need

Sleeping Beauty



Get back into the habit of dreaming the night away in a bed that is custom designed
for your unique sleep posture and manufactured from non-toxic and organic materials
for your long term health.

The Perfect Sleep Posture At Prices You Dream Of

Dream Machine



Bed Base

Bed Bases

Ultimate Beds® has been designing and manufacturing quality furniture for over 10 years.


Ultimate Beds® exclusive 7 zone mattress design and technology allows the body to relax in total comfort.
Baby Cot Mattress

Baby Mattresses

Our team at Ultimate Cots® have developed a full range of    cot, cradle and bassinet mattresses.

Ultimate Beds Therapeutic Pillows


We provide premium quality Australian made Postural Comfort pillows and Pressure-care products.
Please note that, despite these troubling times, we remain still open for business.  As we continue to monitor the Coronavirus/COVID-19 developments, the health and wellbeing of our employees, customers and suppliers remains of the highest importance to us.  We are continually working towards providing a safe and healthy environment as a priority for all parties.

You’re Unique So Why Have An Average Bed

We all have a unique sleep posture and many of us suffer from poor sleep due to back, neck, shoulder or hip pain aggravated by a mattress designed for the average consumer rather than for your unique posture.

With an Ultimate Beds mattress, you will sleep in total comfort because it is built and designed to support your unique perfect sleep posture. All Ultimate Beds mattresses incorporate our innovative ‘Ultimate Air Flow’ design with vertical and horizontal zoning to ensure perfect spinal posture, whilst keeping you cool and dry by maximising mattress air flow.

Even if you don’t have a back problem, Ultimate Beds are a healthier way to sleep because we avoid the use of materials that collapse, impart chemical toxicity or act as an EMF antenna, factors we believe may cause longer term health problems.

Ultimate Beds mattresses are made from unique combinations of Australian-made non toxic breathable premium and viscous foams which are approved by the National Asthma Council, Australia and Good Environmental Choice, Australia. No toxic solvent glues or imported foams are ever used in any of our products.

World Leading Innovation

When you buy an Ultimate Beds product you can sleep easy knowing that you benefit from world leading innovative design and manufacturing techniques, and the highest possible quality materials.

Speak to your health professional today for more information about the benefits of improving your sleep posture to reduce back problems.

Or visit out workshop today to try out our products and have a fitting.

Want to know more?

Contact our friendly team for more information about the best beds in Perth and we will find a supportive bed that helps you to have the best sleep possible! Or view our mattress range or baby cot mattresses.

Why choose us?


Ultimate Beds mattresses are the only mattresses designed and manufactured to support your unique sleeping profile and are available at factory direct prices.

More Comfortable

Ultimate Beds are the only beds that incorporate over 30 different adjustments to ensure you achieve maximum comfort.


Ultimate Beds are designed and manufactured in a way that considers the long term impact of your health and the environment.

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Dear Ultimate Beds, I would like to thank you for the amazing service you provide for our family and for our patients. Not only are your beds the most comfortable I have ever experienced but the amount of time and individual consideration you give to your customers is second to none. Keep up the great work. Kind regards

Dr. Paul Harlond

Chiropractor, Dalkeith Chiropractic

Ultimate Beds are a cut above any other bed shop. Not only do they supply a healthier, superior product but they will custom fit, create and make sure the bed and pillows are right for you, even after the sale. At no other bed supplier have I experienced the level of knowledge, quality and service Ultimate Beds provides. I recommend them to all my patients.
Dr. Andrina Chien

Director & Chiropractor, Openspace


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